what is search engine optimisation?…

Our Search Engine Optimisation has one simple aim – to optimise your website and external factors to improve search engine rankings for your keywords.

There are two kinds of SEO; white hat and black hat. Black Hat is what some companies do to try and ‘trick’ search engines into moving their website up the rankings. Techniques that are used in this process include ad spinning, keyword stuffing and link farms. Search engines can now identify whern these techniques have been used and instead of improving their standing will actually penalise them or possibly even remove them from the index altogether.

White Hat uses techniques such as keyword density, internal linking, alt images, sitemaps and quality backlinks which are all come together to help the search engine find, explore and ultimately move your website up the rankings.

Needless to say Rapture will only uses white hat SEO on our projets, so your can be sure you are in good hands.

on site seo…

Lets start from the ground up. There is little point in beginning any other kind of SEO until your on site factors are all nice and friendly for search engines to find and explore. From the word go each new website that we develop is built with SEO in mind.

If we have not built your website we will do a full analysis of coding, meta data, links and keywords to ensure your website is up to scratch and and search engine friendly.

By doing this stage thouroughly, we ensure that has the foundation for sucess in search engine rankings.

off site seo and link building…

After we have completed your on site SEO we move on to the external factors to enhance your websites performance in the rankings. This is where we build quality backlinks, write web articles, submit to webdirectories and business directories, build satellite sites and complete search engine submissions. This can be an ongoing process but we don’t ask for a minimum contract so you are free to decide when you are at the level that you need to be.

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